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"B.F.Fur-Ever" A bright light purple crème.

Available in Nail Polish, Gel Polish & Matchmaker Sets.


Kittens & Canines Nail Polish Collection

A heartfelt tribute to our loyal and trustworthy furry friends. This comforting palette of natural tones will surely become some of your best friends into 2021 and beyond.

Kittens and Canines is not only an ode to our besties who kept us company during months of quarantine, it’s also a lead into Cuccio’s line officially being a 12 FREE Formula, which includes no Gluten or Animal derived ingredients – making the brands formula VEGAN!



  • Custom made bottle cap and brush, for the ultimate application.
  • Inverted bottle design results in maximum product usage.
  • Features triple pigmentation technology.
  • Extended-wear formulation.
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