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Cosmic Dreamer

Cosmic Dreamer


Cosmic Dreamer - Soulful Collection | Fall-Winter 2023

Available in Nail Polish, Gel Polish & Matchmaker Sets.


Cuccio Colour™ Soulful Collection.

Embark on an introspective journey with the Cuccio Colour Soulful Collection, a deeply emotional palette that transcends the boundaries of time and space and resonates with the captivating allure of warm and earthly tones

Each rich and enchanting hue channels a desire for clarity, self awareness and personal empowerment.  The Soulful Collection captures the essence of who you are and gently awakens your spirit to live life to its fullest while honoring the magic of the timeless beauty of nature.



  • Custom made bottle cap and brush, for the ultimate application.
  • Inverted bottle design results in maximum product usage.
  • Features triple pigmentation technology.
  • Extended-wear formulation.
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