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Yes or Gnocchi

Yes or Gnocchi


"Yes or Gnocchi" A Neutral Sand Creme

Available in Nail Polish, Gel Polish & Matchmaker Sets.


Paradiso Collection

Inspired by La Dolce Vita the Cuccio Colour Paradiso Collection is the “tavolozza perfetta” (perfect palette) that embodies what Italians call “The Good Life”.


Unwind your style with shades reminiscent of the cool coastal hues of the Mediterranean complimented with the rose shimmer of a stylish Tuscan sunset as the Paradiso collection helps you uncover the essence of your true Italian self.



  • Custom made bottle cap and brush, for the ultimate application.
  • Inverted bottle design results in maximum product usage.
  • Features triple pigmentation technology.
  • Extended-wear formulation.
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